Terms and Conditions

Please read the following terms carefully before registering on our website.

General Provisions ..!

This set of rules and obligations is established to determine the specificities of cooperation between investment projects that are paid by Platinum Fx Investment (henceforth - the Company) and the participants in the Investment Branch (Project) of the Company (henceforth - Participant).

The company is officially registered and has online trading permits. We also maintain your information in our records.

The company is not public and does not publish detailed financial reports on its activity. However, participants can obtain detailed information about the financial results of their accounts and with reference to financial reports at any time.

Platinum Fx Investment's rights and responsibilities!

All intellectual property rights to use "" belongs to the company. Using the brand "" for any purposes must be agreed by the management of the company.

The Company is committed to the principles of anonymity and confidentiality of the personal data of its clients, third parties should not authorized to have access to client's data (The name of the participant and the amount of his investment in the company), contact information (physical address, e-mail), data on the use of means of payment (type of payment system), financial participation in the company's project (type of deposit, date of registration, Deposits).

The Company does not require any verification procedures of the investor except for cases like the loss of access to the Account and the successful recovery of access or in the case of the use of deposits and withdrawals via bank transfer.

The Company may release any personal information about the Participant to third parties upon the request of the competent authorities.

In order to simplify the calculations for the participants, the company only uses electronic currency types of services.

The company is obliged to pay the dues to the participant only in the currency used by the participant to make a deposit in the project.

The Company reserves the right to refuse any new investment to any participant at any time.

The company may stop cooperating with the participants in the following cases !

If a fraudulent activity is suspected.

Due to an order from the competent authorities.

Because of the participant's violation of the policy and working conditions of this system.

participants' rights and responsibilities!

Anyone who has reached legal age can benefit from the investment program regardless of the country of residence, social status or religion.

The participant has the right to refuse to provide personal information containing the address, city, zip code and residence.

The participant has the right to choose any of the plans available for investment, with the freedom to determine the amount of deposit that he wishes.

The participant has absolute freedom to pay through the appropriate currency, whether Perfectmoney, payeer, Bitcoin.

The participant has the right to withdraw the available profits from the balance of his/her account according to the current limits specified by the company.

All of the above must be approved in order to complete the registration process.

Please review the terms periodically from time to time, the Company reserves the right to change any of the terms of the Agreement at any time.

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